There are THREE PHASES in building a successful coaching relationship and several steps within those phases. While some of these may happen within the same conversation or get revisited, the Step list below provides the general structure for the overall “arc” of the process we will explore together.

PHASE I – Setting Up For Success

STEP 1: Fit – our first conversation is learning about each other to ensure we are comfortable moving forward with our coaching partnership. It’s about connecting on both a human and professional level, thereby understanding how we might work together.

STEP 2: Expectations and Goals – we will agree upon clear mutual expectations and what I like to call our “coaching contract” – or how we will treat one another, our “ground rules” and what specific outcomes you want from this coaching partnership.

STEP 3: The Situation – this is when we explore the situation (s) on which you wish to focus, learn why this is important to you, and determine what outcome (s) you want. Choices will be made about what actions you will choose to take to reach your desired goal.

PHASE II – Digging In

STEP 4: Self-Discovery – this requires a personal inventory that may include various instrumentation and possibly anonymous 360 feedback to give you a fuller picture of your leadership opportunities and challenges. This is also an opportunity to clarify your personal mission, vision, and values, and to learn about perceptions and beliefs.

In this phase, we will work with your motivations – only those where you have high clarity and high commitment – identify your strengths and weaknesses as they relate to the situation you’ve identified. Assuming you are doing your work in our coaching partnership, you will see positive results; your heightened awareness and focus will quickly impact the way you make decisions and choices.

PHASE III – Getting it Done

STEP 5: Charting the Course – we will work on specific actions or inactions that impact your work life. Your goals will be developed to meet your concrete objectives. This phase also converts your commitment to yourself into solid and achievable action plans, with milestones and timelines. This is the phase to ensure your success. Accountability, actions, and attitude are aligned.

STEP 6: Making it “Stick” – This is the support and “sticking to it” phase. Your desired outcomes and actions are tracked and documented as new habits and new behaviors are cemented. We plan for solid checks and balances and feedback loops. This is also the time when we determine how much, if any, more work we want to do together in our coaching partnership.

While all of these steps and phases are anchored within our coaching sessions, progress toward your goals can only be propelled forward by your personal commitment and choices. You are the ‘driver’. I am your ‘tour guide’. I will point out the signs in the road, reflect on your choices, and offer you challenges during your journey. A successful coaching partnership requires both parties to give it their “all” and I promise to do exactly that every step of the way.

What I Bring to the Table:

Executive Leadership Coach, author, consultant, and national speaker with over 20 years of successful executive level leadership coaching experience in the corporate, higher education, and non-profit sectors.

Certified ACC with the International Coaching Federation and Certified Presence-Based® Coach studying under Doug Silsbee, a pre-eminent author and thought leader in the fields of Presence-Based® Coaching, leadership development and resilience.

Master’s degree from Cornell University’s School of Industrial and Labor Relations – focus on leadership and change

A successful leader of professional, administrative, and bargaining unit staff for over 30 years

Entrepreneur with deep knowledge of ROI, hiring, firing, marketing, project management, budget and finance, and outstanding customer experience.

A deep passion for helping good people become great leaders!



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