My process is succinct and rigorous. It consists of 6 sessions, each 2 hours long. The sessions are in person or via video conferencing. Shorter 10-30 minute phone calls may occur throughout the process to debrief, address a specific issue, and leverage your learning.

After the initial FREE call to assess whether we have a good “fit”, we begin our coaching relationship utilizing the Sherpa Coaching method as follows:

Phase 1 “Evaluation”: In the first session, we will assess your personal style and understand your leadership impact from the results of a 360 degree feedback tool. In this session, I will familiarize you with the entire process. You will likely see results by the end of this first phase, as your heightened awareness immediately impacts the way you make choices.

Phase 2 “The Big Picture”: We will examine your environment, all the people, places, and things impacting your work life. We will identify supporters and disconnects, how you deal with change and how change impacts those around you. We will understand your values and what is important to you and how this shows up at work.

Phase 3 “The Destination”: In this phase, you will work with your strengths and weaknesses, your motivations, and why and how people and things affect you. You will learn how to create fair expectations and communicate them. Choices will be made about which development path you need to take to reach your desired goal. By the end of this phase, you will be practicing new behaviors observing the results.

Phase 4 “Charting the Course”: Throughout this phase, you will be working where you have the greatest challenges, opportunities, highest commitment and motivation. You will work on specific actions that impact your work life. Your goals will be structured to meet concrete objectives. This is the “no kidding, no fooling” phase, and it’s hard work.

Phase 5 “The Agenda”: This phase converts your commitment to change into a solid and achievable action plans, with milestones and timelines. This is the phase to ensure your success. Accountability, actions, and attitude are aligned.

Phase 6 “The Summit”: This is a support and maintenance phase. All changes are monitored and documented and new habits are cemented. We ensure checks and balances and feedback loops. In this phase, we determine if we have any more work to do together.

Each Phase, while anchored by the 2-hour coaching session, and my support, is propelled forward by your personal commitment and choices. You are the ‘traveler’ and the ‘driver’. I am your ‘tour guide’. I will show you the way and I will continuously challenge you during the journey. You will succeed when you make the real choice to do the real work it takes to get where you want to go.

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