“I have to tell you that I used your Constructive Feedback Toolkit for my MBA HR course and they loved it! So did I, what an amazing ‘tool’ you provide. The quality of the video, your presence and the content was exceptional.”

“Roxi’s video presentation on constructive feedback is first rate. She provides concrete steps for how to give and receive job performance feedback. She follows up with details on how to implement each step, and a full length coaching session that shows viewers how to effectively put this knowledge into practice. Most valuably, Roxi provides significant insight on how to provide constructive feedback to your boss. This video should be required watching for all beginning supervisors, and even experienced managers can learn a few new things.”

“I found the video to be very helpful and informative. If you are looking for assistance or just training on how to give constructive feedback, this video will help. It is important to effectively communicate with managers and coworkers. This video taught me how to build someone up when giving feedback instead of bringing them down.”

“I found the 4 constructive feedback practices were immediate takeaways from the video. Awareness of how feedback is presented by preparing the message, requesting constructive feedback of oneself, and providing performance feedback all while being encouraging are important management practices to employ. Managers often focus on negative items when discussing feedback however it most certainly can and should include positive points to facilitate open dialogue and provide encouragement. Constructive feedback skills should include what the manager appreciates about the employee. A person who feels appreciated will always do more than what is expected.”

“Roxi’s presentation included videos to illustrate her points along with face to face interview structure. This production style made the presentation enjoyable and kept the audience interested. The handouts encouraged immediate application of the information presented by prompting the audience to answer questions that evaluated their understanding of the information. Great presentation overall!”

“I found the information in the video Roxi created very helpful. Not only could the concepts be applied professionally but they were also useful when dealing with close friends, family or even strangers at a grocery store or other social gathering. I particularly liked that the sample videos were realistic and not over exaggerated or cheesy for lack of a better term.”

“I truly enjoyed the AskRoxI videos on feedback coaching; she gave effective ways a manager could coach their employees to encourage better behavior & outcomes. Her videos allow the individual to see the coaching in action and the possible responses. Overall I think her materials are extremely useful and I have kept my notes for future reference.”

“In my opinion the RoxI video was perfect. Anyone with no managerial experience could benefit from this video. The scenarios are broken down enough for people to understand the basics. People with no managerial experience will be able to look at the video and understand a good grasp on how to deal with people. The video is not enough, but considering many new managers are just thrown into their roles, this video is perfect. People are either visual learners, hands on learners, theory learners, and some just need all three. It was perfect. If I had the authority, I would purchase it and show it at work. All our management can benefit from this video.”

“Roxi’s video was very well put together. She spoke clearly and eloquently. I was able to take notes on the six steps on how to give constructive feedback. Her real life examples were easy to follow and validated her teaching skills. Her personable manner made learning this difficult topic enjoyable. I would recommend her services to all, and feel we could build lunch and learns from her videos.”

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