• AskRoxi 360° Video and Worksheets – demystifying the process and report
  • Access to a fully-automated, on-line professionally researched, validated and widely-used 360° feedback assessment, measuring 8 core leadership competencies. To learn more about the specific tool we are using, please click here
  • Guidelines for choosing your raters
  • Rater information spreadsheet for submitting your rater information to our confidential report administrator
  • A rater invitation letter template; your raters are UNLIMITED within 4 categories: Direct Reports to you, your Peers, your Manager/Leader, and Others
  • The feedback from your raters, except your Manager, is anonymous
  • A comprehensive confidential personal report based on input from raters YOU choose to invite. Click Here to see a SAMPLE 360 REPORT
  • Worksheets and information to help you effectively process and interpret your report and the data within it – all are printable and on-line for your convenience
  • Comprehensive, item-by-item response statistics by competency and rater category
  • Personalized suggestions, strategies, and guidance to help you determine for yourself which strategies to implement and how to go about doing just that.
  • You now have the chance and you can make a choice – to learn or not to learn about your impact. So, ask yourself, “If not now, when?” Click here to begin!

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