Hire Right, Fire Right

A Leader’s Guide to Finding and Keeping Your Best People

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Roxi Bahar Hewertson is CEO of Highland Consulting Group, Inc., an entrepreneur, and a former adjunct faculty member at Cornell University’s School of Industrial and Labor Relations.

Finding and keeping the right people should be at the top of every leader’s priorities, but few are taught reliable strategies to build and keep their dream team…until now.

“When we hire well, firing is rarely an issue. When we fire well, lawsuits and violence are rarely an issue. Yet, few leaders have the tools, skills and strategies for this crucial part of their job,” says Roxi Bahar Hewertson, an acclaimed executive leadership consultant and coach. She is the author of the new book HIRE RIGHT, FIRE RIGHT: A LEADER’S GUIDE TO FINDING AND KEEPING YOUR BEST PEOPLE (Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, October 2020, Hardcover). Consider that nationally about 50 percent of hires fail and, of those that succeed, an average of 20 percent are top performers. Roxi Bahar Hewertson has seen firsthand the high human and business costs of hiring and firing in all the wrong ways. She wrote this book to help change those results. According to Marshall Goldsmith, a top tier global leadership coach and best selling author, “Every leader, no matter what kind of workplace, should have a ‘dog-eared’ copy of this book.”

HIRE RIGHT, FIRE RIGHT is built around Bahar Hewertson’s ARC model: Acquisition (hire right), Retention (nurture right), and Closure (fire right). She offers easy-to-follow road maps for each stage of an employees experience with sample form letters, handy checklists, and worksheets built upon three decades of practice helping savvy leaders attract and keep their top talent. As a consultant who has developed leaders in higher education, business, and the non-profit worlds, Bahar Hewertson has crafted powerful strategies for leaders who understand that a business is only as productive, creative, and successful as its employees.


“Every leader, no matter what kind of workplace, should have a ’dog-eared’ copy of Hire Right, Fire Right close at hand. Roxi’s book fills a desperate need for employers all in one place – how to find, retain, and let go of the right people, the right way, at the right time, and for the right reasons. There’s nothing out there that provides such a comprehensive roadmap like this book with its superb tools, and step-by-step methods for success.”
Marshall Goldsmith, World-Renowned Business Leader, Executive Coach, Teacher, and Best-Selling Author of Triggers, and What Got You Here Won’t Get You There

“I have known, and worked with, Roxi for many years. Hire Right, Fire Right gives those of you who haven’t had that privilege a sense of who she is: smart, honest, clear-minded and values driven. Her reflections and advice are incredibly helpful for every leader – those new to the role and those with years of experience. At this time of significant change in the workplace, this practical advice will help anyone who aspires to employ a diverse workforce that is engaged in advancing organizational priorities. Roxi knows her stuff and she shares what she knows in a straightforward and practical way. Read this book!”
Mary George Opperman, Vice President and Chief Human Resource Officer, Cornell University

“Roxi’s book is about hiring, growing, and keeping good employees at all levels. It’s a well-written ‘manual’ in that it provides practical step-by-step and tested recipes for hiring the right people in the first place, building their confidence, skill, and motivation, and retaining them for the long-run. You can’t ask for more than that.”
Tom DeCotiis, PhD, Co-founder Corvirtus, LLC., author of Make it Glow: How to Build a Company Reputation for Human Goodness, Flawless Execution, and Being Best-In-Class

“In her new book, Roxi Bahar Hewerston offers a thorough and practical guide for something that’s usually either fraught with difficulties or avoided all together! This is a book to be read slowly and implemented carefully. My bet is you will enjoy this resource, which is full of Roxi’s hard-won wisdom from her many years of experience and learning about this topic.”
Beatrice W. Hansen, Principal Presence-Based® Coaching

“Roxi certainly has a knack for communicating complicated ideas in a very accessible and directly applicable way. The book’s checklists and work sheets alone are worth way more than the price of admission – thousands of dollars of consulting advice wrapped up in the modest price of a book.”
Lee Dyer, PhD, Professor Emeritus, ILR School, Cornell University

“Roxi succinctly lists and describes all of the steps leaders should take in their recruitment, nurturing, and when necessary, terminating of employees for whom they have responsibility. This book serves executives at all organizational levels and is a powerful reminder of good leadership practices.”
Anthony B. Cashen, International Executive Recruiter, Investment Banker and Partner, and Corporate Director (retired)

“In Hire Right, Fire Right, Roxi Bahar Hewertson delivers sage advice that will save every manager time, money and heartache. Her key message that hiring is “relational, not transactional” applies to every stage of an employee’s tenure. Besides making a solid business case for doing it right, Roxi provides a proven system for acquisition, retention and closure that, if followed, ensures your success as a leader and your company’s sustainability.”
Dr. Nancy O’Reilly, Founder: WomenConnect4Good, Inc., Author of In This Together and Leading Women, International philanthropist and President of Take the Lead.

“Roxi Bahar Hewertson’s energy, expertise, and experience jumps off every page in Hire Right, Fire Right! This is the first leadership book I’ve read that was fun to read – it’s a ‘page turner’. Anyone who employs people and expects to be successful in their business, needs to keep this book handy and use the wisdom within it every day. If you want to win in your business, pay attention to Roxi!”
Craig Duswalt, Keynote Speaker, Best-Selling Author, and Creator of the Brand, Rock Your Life.

Hire Right, Fire Right is much more than a book. It is a road map of practical advice, insights and resources filled with ‘ah-ha’ moments…and it is a fantastic read! Roxi Bahar Hewertson provides a handy and sensible roadmap for anyone who is tasked with hiring and managing people. She gives us an easy to follow practical guide to acquiring the best talent, retaining and growing that talent, and separating graciously, no matter the reason. She reminds us that all of our interactions with employees are relational, not transactional. Hire Right, Fire Right is a resource that you will return to again and again and it will be covered in post-it notes.”
Deborah Hall, Vice President for Finance and Operations, LaGrange College

“For front-line managers to Board chairs, the most important role is to attract, hire, and nurture the right individuals for your team and organization. In Hire Right, Fire Right, Roxi Bahar Hewertson provides thoughtful, sophisticated, practical, and seasoned guidance on how to navigate that continuum successfully based on her significant professional and personal experience as an employee, leader, coach, and consultant.”
Harold D. Craft, Vice President for Administration Emeritus, Cornell University

“Finally! A no-nonsense guide to hiring the right person in the right way. Thank you, Roxi, for expanding on the very definition of leadership—getting the right people to support and expand the culture needed for success.”
Craig S. Evans, Ed.D, Vice President for Development – Rochester Regional Health Foundations

“Brain drain can kill a good organization. So hiring—and keeping—top talent must be a key priority for leaders. But it takes know-how, strategy, and a relentless focus on clear-eyed principles. Roxi Bahar Hewertson shows the way.”
Rodger Dean Duncan, bestselling author of CHANGE-friendly LEADERSHIP

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