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There are TWO versions of Roxi’s leadership course to meet your organizational and individual needs:

I. Corporate, Institutional, and Governmental Agency – Group Learning: Effective Leadership is a BOTTOM LINE imperative, no matter where we work. Leading with Impact: Your Ripple Effect is a best-in-class leadership development program created and presented by Roxi Bahar Hewerston, an Entrepreneur, Executive Leadership Coach, Author, and National Speaker.



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This is a step-by-step, professionally designed course that comes with a detailed FACILITATOR GUIDE and a Participant Workbook. Facilitators can be your own staff who are comfortable speaking in front of a group and who have credibility within your organization. Roxi teaches her award-winning course content and you receive everything needed to conduct the full course: module and chapter goals, activities, timing, group and individual exercises, and discussion questions. These are all designed to interactively engage your adult learners with the content and with each other. You can easily customize the course to fit into your culture without having to build your own content from the ground up.

Strengthen your organization by engaging your people and teaching critical leadership skills to your current and next generation leaders. Review the Course Content. Participants will learn how to excel in the 4 Leadership Masteries listed below.


“We believe Leading With Impact creates a cohort that develops a common language based on the shared experience of the program. Throughout the program, the participants develop a rapport with each other that they take with them. The coaching teams meet regularly to discuss work and seek each other’s feedback. Participants continue to refer to the materials they take with them. We now have very good dialogue surrounding the importance of leadership and its impact on our organization.” (College within State University of New York)

“This course is manna from heaven for our more than 1000 leaders.” (Large Canadian Municipality)

“We have had the privilege of using the Leading with Impact comprehensive course program from Roxi. It is a very well organized program whose modules build on each other. The program consist of videos and activities that teach and then reinforce what you have learned. The comfort level of the learner is insured. The modules are very concise and bring the participants to a point of connecting the dots and eager to learn more. Great self-awareness is a key part of the program, which leads to sustainable professional growth of the individuals’ skills within our organization.” (Large School District)

“We feel like we’ve just won the lottery!” (Small City in New York )

If your your time, money and talent are spread too thin to create a great leadership development program in-house, or to hire top leadership consultants and trainers, you can now OWN Leading with Impact: Your Ripple Effect and deliver an outstanding experience within a group learning environment – year after year, cohort after cohort. CONTACT ROXI TODAY!

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II. Individual Self-Study: Learn at your own pace, in your own space, with lifetime access to Roxi’s Course, Leading with Impact: Your Ripple Effect. You will learn how to excel at the 4 Leadership Masteries listed below. On average, self-study participants take 4-6 weeks to complete the course, using the time in-between chapters to practice and apply practical tools right away. Practice is essential to integrating the critical leadership skills you will learn into real life and real work. Upon completion, you will receive 4 Continuing Education Units and a signed Certificate of Completion. Review the Course Content. Take a test drive – 3 FREE CHAPTERS!



100% of the Leading With Impact: Your Ripple Effect on-line course Graduates who responded to an anonymous survey said they WOULD recommend it to a friend for ALL the reasons they stated below.

The Graduates came from the fields of: Higher Education, Senior Living, For-Profit, Non- Profit and not a leader yet but considering it! They have varying sized teams and organizations and have been in leadership roles 1-20 years.

“Manna from Heaven!”

“This is a very thorough leadership program.”

“I think there are parts of the videos I will return to often to remind myself of what I need to be doing and to re-center myself. I really liked my experience and especially liked how all of the modules aligned and played off one another.”

“I think this is really great! Leaders will certainly benefit from this!”

“This is fabulous work. Thank you for sharing your gifts!”

“That’s a lot of content and access. Thank you!”

“You make it easy to follow and understand.”

“I love this program. It’s interactive and the tools and practice make it come to life.”

“If leaders actually followed the modules and changed their behaviors, the benefits would be enormous!”

“The content provided personal insightful and helpful information to achieve the goal of increasing my leadership potential and growth within my organization.”

“No matter the capabilities of the leaders at this point, your topics are so broad that I feel everyone could benefit from one piece or another of this training.”

“Love having your talks and interviews on the site. I listened to them and they were informative and engaged me. I could not stop them. I was hooked into watching all of them.”

“I love that it includes strong leadership concepts that are important for any leader to consider or reconsider, no matter their level.”

“I liked the exercises and tools that you used to quickly and easily assess myself in the specific areas you focused on. This was not a long drawn out process, but allowed a baseline and frame of reference for where to focus most from a personal improvement standpoint as you talked about each topic.”

“The emotional intelligence and mission modules were new to me, and what wonderful additions. They really round out this section. I love the exercise of creating your own personal mission statement.”

“All of the modules are really well presented and helpful. Folks may find the vision portion difficult if it’s not in their nature, but it’s good practice and good tools.”

“The topics covered were broad, yet detailed enough to help focus on specific areas of improvement. It helped me feel like I can improve one area at a time rather than feeling overwhelmed by trying to improve many areas at the same time.”

“Learning that how I am, my way of being, is important to leadership.”

“I liked to see the stories played out with Charles and Deborah to envision what an actual conversation around these topics would look like.”

“I like how team mastery builds on personal and interpersonal mastery and leads me to think about what I can do personally to strengthen my own team.”

“Decision making is so important in an organization and can so often leads to conflict. I love the ideas and tools presented here to aid in better and faster decision making.”

“I liked how you brought culture and systems to a personal level of what can be affected and focusing on that. It helps me as a try to navigate what I can and cannot affect at my company and to minimize focusing on areas I cannot influence.”

“I really liked hearing about the four different cultures and about how there can be a plus and minus to each.”

“It’s amazing to think that our impact in an organization can have an affect on the “systems” level and the reverse is also true. This goes to show how important alignment really is.”

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Leading with Impact: Your Ripple Effect is YOURS, ON-LINE FOR LIFE for a fraction of the cost of my live 5 and 6 day courses. Instead of paying several thousands for a live course, travel, and time away from home and work, you now have access to this powerful, career-enhancing content for ONLY $497! You can expect to see an IMMEDIATE RETURN ON YOUR INVESTMENT even if you only change one or two things such as: how to end meeting madness or how to provide constructive feedback to your boss – and SO MUCH MORE! Review the Course Content. Roxi will show you every step of the why and the how! Take a test drive now with 3 FREE CHAPTERS!


Personal Mastery

Discovering who YOU are as a leader, your purpose, values, and vision, how you impact others, your style, preferences, strengths, and challenges.


Interpersonal Mastery

team master ladderDiscovering how you communicate with others, how to constructively provide feedback, including to your boss, and how to manage conflict successfully.


Team Mastery

Discovering the nature of group dynamics, building effective teams, decision-making that works, delegation for development, and meetings that actually produce results.


Cultural and Systems Mastery

Discovering the flavor of the system in which you work every day, learning how to lead change in that system, ensure accountability for results, and find the courage necessary within yourself and your teams.

Are you ready to SIGN UP for “Leading with Impact: Your Ripple Effect”? Click here Do you want a TEST DRIVE? Click here for my FREE Introduction and the first 2 Chapters of Module 1: Personal Mastery. Learn something new about yourself while you decide if this course is right for you.

My Promise: You will get PRACTICAL SOLUTIONS and TOOLS you can apply immediately to your life and your work. “Leading with Impact: Your Ripple Effect” is a comprehensive leadership and personal development course that is laser focused on the 4 Core Masteries we all need to be successful.

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Telly Award Leading well is intentional; it rarely happens by accident. It is an art AND it is a science. Roxi aims to change the current paradigm of mediocre leadership that abounds with cutting edge leadership discussions, "feet on the street" practical advice, proven top shelf leadership development courses and impactful executive coaching.

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