TV & Radio Appearances

TV Appearances

Author Roxie Hewertson says the person with the most expensive education isn’t always the best leader. Find out her other myths of leadership and why she says you shouldn’t be afraid to bring emotion into the workplace. See the video…

Roxi joins Barrie-Louise Switzen Cable TV show to discuss women and leadership in business. See the video…

Roxi calls for a revolution in today’s leadership paradigm and shares 3 key Leadership Insights on TEDx. See the video…

Roxi’s interview with Lauren Simonetti on Career Accelerator. See the video…


Roxi answers leadership questions from radio hosts and their listeners from Seattle to New York.

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Telly Award Leading well is intentional; it rarely happens by accident. It is an art AND it is a science. Roxi aims to change the current paradigm of mediocre leadership that abounds with cutting edge leadership discussions, "feet on the street" practical advice, proven top shelf leadership development courses and impactful executive coaching.

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