Leadership expert Roxi Bahar Hewertson brings over three decades of practical experience in the worlds of higher education, business, and non-profits. She is an organizational consultant, executive coach, motivational speaker, and author of the acclaimed book, “Lead Like it Matters…Because it Does”, providing leaders with a step-by-step roadmap and practical tools to achieve great results. She is the CEO of Highland Consulting Group, Inc. and AskRoxi.com

Roxi has spent her entire career being a leader and has helped both emerging and expert leaders boost quantifiable job performance to achieve or exceed personal and organizational goals.

Today, as a Certified Presence-Based® Coach, she invites leaders in any endeavor to create their best lives and share the powerful journey that one-on-one coaching can offer. Roxi also coaches Encore clients – people who are wondering how to create a life they love after retiring from a primary career. (www.theencoreprogram.com)

At the core of Roxi’s success as President and CEO of Highland Group Consulting Group, Inc. and AskRoxi.com, is her passion to empower leaders on their journey to building their leadership skills, honing their interpersonal effectiveness, increasing emotional intelligence, and sharpening their capacity to create great results. Her academic, corporate and entrepreneurial experiences are broad and deep. She brings practical, common-sense and proven solutions to complex leadership and organizational problems, making her advice and counsel in high demand.

Her award-winning “Leading with Impact: Your Ripple Effect,” live and on-line leadership development courses move leaders through four mastery levels: personal, interpersonal, team and system – a compelling process for self-discovery and sustainable results.

Roxi is an expert in Organizational Development, Organizational Effectiveness and Human Resources Management. She has taught this body of knowledge at Cornell University’s School of Industrial and Labor Relations where she received her Masters Degree. She also served as Director of Administration, Facilities and Finance at Cornell. Roxi has coached over 100 senior leaders and taught her leadership course to over three thousand people. Today, she works with an array of leaders including executives and C-Suite women and men who have a deep desire to make a difference in their communities and the world.

Highland Group Consulting Group, Inc. is based in Brevard, North Carolina.

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Telly Award Leading well is intentional; it rarely happens by accident. It is an art AND it is a science. Roxi aims to change the current paradigm of mediocre leadership that abounds with cutting edge leadership discussions, "feet on the street" practical advice, proven top shelf leadership development courses and impactful executive coaching.

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