As a leader, you know it can be difficult to build consensus…

Perhaps you are brilliant in your field of expertise and found yourself accepting a leadership position before you were ready…

You may want to improve your communication skills, or learn how to have tough yet constructive conversations…

Perhaps you are falling short of your or your boss’s goals…

The primary reason most people are passed over for promotion or lose their jobs is because of behavioral and/or interpersonal difficulties. We often say “he or she didn’t play well with others,” and we all know what that means…

You may have also observed that good people often quit their boss not their job and you don’t want to be that boss…

Did you know…

  • The average return on investment for Executive Coaching is $7.90 for every $1 in coaching fees (source: MetrixGlobal LLC).
  • The average increase in productivity as a result of Executive Coaching is 86% (source: Personnel Management Association).
  • The number of Fortune 500 companies who regularly utilize executive coaches for their leaders and up-and-comers is 21%-40% in a given year (source: Hay Group).

Note about these studies:

The respondents from each of these three studies were from Fortune 1000 companies who contracted coaches to improve job performance, increase growth, and improve certain behaviors and skills. 60% of the executives interviewed for these studies were between the ages of 40-49. 50% of those interviewed held positions of vice-president or higher within their organization and 33% earned $200K or more per year.

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All too often we are appointed or promoted based on our ability to do a great job in our area of expertise, rather than our ability to lead others to great results.

Leadership is something that can be taught and learned. As an Executive Coach with 20 years of coaching experience, an entrepreneur, a senior leader, and adjunct Professor at Cornell University, I rely on evidence-based practices, as well as my own 35 years of “feet on the street” real world experience in many leadership roles.


  • You will quickly raise your professional profile, allowing for increased job satisfaction, promotion, and career mobility.
  • You will learn how to deal with difficult people and conflicts at work in a constructive way.
  • If your job is at risk due to performance challenges, you will learn the skills necessary to keep that job and/or course correct your career.
  • You will learn how to build true consensus around your change efforts and agendas, saving you a significant amount of time and frustration every day.
  • You will be able to apply and leverage your learning to your job – immediately.
  • You will have direct access to me during the coaching contract period. This gives you a neutral and objective “thinking partner,” outside your organization
  • My only agenda is to help you achieve your goals.
  • You will have me personally available to you if you find yourself in the middle of a work crisis event.
  • Confidentiality is guaranteed.
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  • Experts with a deep level of technical expertise but little expertise in the discipline and practice of good leadership.
  • “Big personalities” who need to learn how to build a team.
  • The leader whose organization is in a state of crisis and needs help navigating troubled waters.
  • The leader who has been recently promoted or demoted or may be fired.
  • A leader who lacks executive presence.
  • Anyone who has been asked to spend time developing, coaching, or managing others in their organization and doesn’t know how.
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My process is succinct and rigorous. It consists of 6 sessions, each 2 hours long. The sessions are in person or via video conferencing. Shorter 10-30 minute phone calls may occur throughout the process to debrief, address a specific issue, and leverage your learning.

After the initial FREE call to assess whether we have a good “fit”, we begin our coaching relationship utilizing the Sherpa Coaching method as follows:

Phase 1 “Evaluation”: In the first session, we will assess your personal style and understand your leadership impact from the results of a 360 degree feedback tool. In this session, I will familiarize you with the entire process. You will likely see results by the end of this first phase, as your heightened awareness immediately impacts the way you make choices.

Phase 2 “The Big Picture”: We will examine your environment, all the people, places, and things impacting your work life. We will identify supporters and disconnects, how you deal with change and how change impacts those around you. We will understand your values and what is important to you and how this shows up at work.

Phase 3 “The Destination”: In this phase, you will work with your strengths and weaknesses, your motivations, and why and how people and things affect you. You will learn how to create fair expectations and communicate them. Choices will be made about which development path you need to take to reach your desired goal. By the end of this phase, you will be practicing new behaviors observing the results.

Phase 4 “Charting the Course”: Throughout this phase, you will be working where you have the greatest challenges, opportunities, highest commitment and motivation. You will work on specific actions that impact your work life. Your goals will be structured to meet concrete objectives. This is the “no kidding, no fooling” phase, and it’s hard work.

Phase 5 “The Agenda”: This phase converts your commitment to change into a solid and achievable action plans, with milestones and timelines. This is the phase to ensure your success. Accountability, actions, and attitude are aligned.

Phase 6 “The Summit”: This is a support and maintenance phase. All changes are monitored and documented and new habits are cemented. We ensure checks and balances and feedback loops. In this phase, we determine if we have any more work to do together.

Each Phase, while anchored by the 2-hour coaching session, and my support, is propelled forward by your personal commitment and choices. You are the ‘traveler’ and the ‘driver’. I am your ‘tour guide’. I will show you the way and I will continuously challenge you during the journey. You will succeed when you make the real choice to do the real work it takes to get where you want to go.

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  • The entire management and executive director team of a mid-sized company in the senior living industry: In 2005, I was contacted by a company specializing in senior living housing facilities. They didn’t have enough or the right HR staff to support the development of their many Executive Directors and corporate VPs. I spent 2 years as an external Executive Coach. Recently one VP, who is now a CEO of her own company, told me that even all these years later, she still asks herself “what would Roxi do?”
  • The Principal of a Charter School: As the first charter school in her city, a bright and passionate principal had a vision to build a strong alternative school from scratch. When she contacted me, many people thought the school would soon be out of business. My role was to help her strengthen her leadership skills, and guide her as she faced crisis after crisis – from insubordination, to numerous external fire fights. It is 4 years later, and she’s beaten all the odds.
  • A senior IT executive: A bright young man was sent to me by his boss for help. He was a genius in his field, and he was not at all ready for his meteoric rise to leadership. His leadership style was disrespectful and demeaning. His staff loathed him and wanted him gone. He didn’t inspire anyone with his “my way or the highway” style. Fear reigned supreme. After six months of intensive work with him, he “got it”. He called an “all hands” meeting with his staff and publicly acknowledged and apologized for the damage he had done. He transformed from being an arrogant know-it-all to a humble and collaborative leader. They gave him another chance, and were happy they did.



  • FREE admission and lifetime membership to our online leadership course: Leading with Impact: Your Ripple Effect.
  • FREE life-time membership to our leadership community where you can rely on the joint wisdom of our staff and other leaders and community members. Access to our monthly newsletter.

Great leadership shouldn’t wait. Lead like it matters – because it does!

Thank you for taking the time to learn about my program. I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.

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